Complete the first session of the Advanced Emergency and Critical Care Webinar Program and learn about:
 Diagnostic approach to Anemia
 Diagnostic Approach to the Bleeding Patient
 Stabilisation of the Bleeding Patient
 Live Case Discussion Hemothorax & Q&A Session 
 Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
 Case Discussion Feline Hemoabdomen & Q&A Session
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    Recorded Webinars + Q&A Session
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    9 hours
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    12 months

     Emergency Care

    Online Program

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    This session is part of the Online Program in Advanced Emergency Care. The complete series consists of 36 webinar hours, which are divided into 7 sessions. It is fully flexible and includes discussion forums. The course materials are all recorded and you have access for 12 months starting with your registration.
    By registering for the full webinar series for "Advanced Emergency Care" you will get access to an examination leading to the
      IEVS Certificate of Knowledge in Advanced Emergency Care
    Meet the Instructor

    Dr. Nadja Sigrist

    Dr., FVH (small animals), Dipl. ACVECC & ECVECC
      Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland
    • Specialist Small Animal Medicine since 2003 (FVH für Kleintiere seit 2003)
    • Diplomate American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ACVECC) since 2004
    • EBVS® Specialist in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ECVECC) since 2014
    • Senior lecturer, set up emergency and critical care service Small Animal Clinic Vetsuisse Faculty University of Bern 2005-2010
    • Senior lecturer and head of ICU, set up of the critical care unit of the Small Animal Clinic Vetsuisse Faculty of Zurich 2013-2020
    • Head of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Continuing Education (VET ECC CE) since 2009
    • New since 2021: Head of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Consulting & Education
    • Editor of „Notfallmedizin für Hund und Katze“, Enke Verlag 2017 and „Erstversorgung von Traumapatienten“ Schlütersche 2011

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    Advanced Emergency Care: Coagulation

    Session 7
    135 €
    7 webinars about Review of Hemostasis, Diagnostic Approach to the Bleeding Patient, Stabilisation of the Bleeding Patient, Case Discussion Hemothorax, Hypercoagulability, Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation, Case Discussion Feline Hemoabdomen incl. 2 recorded Q&A Sessions

    Full Series: Advanced Emergency Care

    Full Module 3
    540 € 378 €
    Book the full Advanced Emergency Care Program with 36 lecture hours incl. recorded Q&A Sessions and receive 162€ discount & certification option!
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    Find out more about all webinars of the series

    The webinar series of "Advanced Emergency Care" is comprised of 36 webinar hours in veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, which are divided into 7 sessions. The webinars include the following topics:
    • Session 1: Respiration

      1) Pleural Effusion
      2) Upper Airway Obstruction including Tracheostomy Placement and Care
      3) Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: What Is It ?
      4) Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Therapy
      5) Dyspnea Case Discussion and Q&A Session
    • Session 2: Fluid therapy 

      1) Fluid Therapy Refresher
      2) Advanced Fluid Therapy: Limited Fluid Volume Resuscitation, Hypertonic Saline and More
      3) Advantages and Disadvantages of Colloid Fluid Therapy
      4) Case Discussion Advanced Fluid Therapy Shock
      5) Advanced Fluid Therapy Cases 2
      6) Q&A Session
    • Session 3: Diagnostics

      1) Diagnostic Approach to Anemia
      2) Immune-Mediated Haemolytic Anemia
      3) Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia
      4) Case Discussion Emergency Blood Work 
      5) Hypernatremia
      6) Q&A Session
    • Session 4: Reanimation

      1) CPR Advanced (Following RECOVER Guidelines)
    • Session 5: Reproduction

      1) Approach to Dystocia
      2) Neonatal Resuscitation
      3) Physiological Characteristics of Neonates
      4) Q&A Session (Reproduction & CPR)
    • Session 6: SIRS/Sepsis  

      1) SIRS/Sepsis Identification
      2) SIRS/Sepsis Stabilisation and Treatment
      3) Case Discussion Sepsis
      4) Q&A Session
    • Session 7: Coagulation

      1) Review of Hemostasis
      2) Diagnostic Approach to the Bleeding Patient
      3) Stabilisation of the Bleeding Patient
      4) Hemothorax Case Discussion & Q&A Session
      5) Hypercoagulability
      6) Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
      7) Feline Hemoabdomen Case Discussion & Q&A Session

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