Oral Immunology and Microbiology

This webinar will discuss the oral cavity as a complex microbial environment and its relations with local and systemic immune systems. This knowledge is necessary to understand oral pathology.
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    Introduction to Periodontology

    Webinar Series

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    This course is part of a Dentistry Webinar Series in Introduction to Small Animal Periodontology consisting of 7 webinars. By registering for the full webinar series, you will get access to an examination leading to the
      IEVS Certificate of Knowledge in Introduction to Small Animal Periodontology
    Meet the Instructor

    Dr. Cedric Tutt

    BVSc, BVSc(Hons), MMedVet (Med), Diplomate EVDC
     Cape Town, South Africa
    Dr. Cedric Tutt is an internationally qualified and recognised veterinary dentist and oromaxillary surgeon, offering advanced dentistry and oral surgical options to a variety of animals including: cats, dogs, horses, Dolphins, Sealions and various more exotic animals including a variety of wild cat species and small primates. His list of species treated exceeds 50. Through dental repair, functional alternatives are offered to what previously would have been an extraction. Dr. Tutt’s services include root canal treatments, dental restoration, extractions, orthodontics and treatment of oral cancer in addition to the repair of oral trauma cases and congenital abnormalities. The only European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry in South Africa, Dr. Tutt offers veterinary dentistry and orofacial surgery services in Cape Town, England, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia. Dr. Tutt also provides post-graduate training in veterinary dentistry to veterinarians, veterinary nurses and technicians. Dr. Tutt authored the text: Small Animal Dentistry - a manual of techniques and was co-editor of the BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry 3rd Edition.

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    The certificate is comprised of 6 webinars and Q&A session in veterinary dentistry and involves the following topics:
    • 1) Homework Review Session, Dr. Gawor

      2) Anatomy and Physiology of Periodontium, Dr. Gawor

      3) Oral Immunology and Microbiology, Dr. Tutt

      4) Aetiology and Pathogenesis of Periodontal Diseases, Dr. Gawor

      5) Antimicrobial use in Periodontal Diseases, Dr. Tutt

      6) Introduction to Periodontology - Question and Answer Session, Dr. Tutt

      7) Question & Answer Session, Dr. Gawor or Dr. Tutt

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